Invisalign® aligners prove that effective orthodontic treatment doesn’t have to be difficult. These clear aligners have helped millions straighten their teeth and achieve better-looking smiles, and they can help you too.

Invisalign® in Lincoln, NE

Invisalign® aligners are an effective and discreet orthodontic treatment option, worn comfortably over your teeth to continuously adjust alignment and spacing.

Invisalign® aligners are custom-made using models of both your current teeth and the end result you hope to achieve. With Invisalign®, you will visit Capital Dental every five to six weeks. Each new set of aligners shifts your teeth slightly and continues until you have achieved your final results, which usually takes six months to a year and a half.

You remove the Invisalign® aligners for eating, drinking, and cleaning only. At first, they will feel very tight, but they will begin to loosen and feel more comfortable after a few days.

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Invisalign® in Lincoln, NE, provided by Dr. Addison Killeen

Dr. Killeen has be transforming smiles with Invisalign® for more than 10 years. His expertise and commitment to staying atop of dental techniques and technology has made him a go-to professional for those seeking discreet and comfortable teeth straightening. Dr. Killeen’s personalized approach and dedication to continuing education ensure that each patient receives optimal care.

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Capital Dental's Invisalign® Process

1. Consultation

During your initial consultation at Capital Dental, Dr. Killeen will assess your oral health and discuss your specific goals for your smile.

2. Digital Impressions

We use advanced digital scanning technology to create a precise 3D image of your teeth instead of traditional molds. This digital model serves as the foundation for the customized Invisalign® treatment plan.

3. Treatment Plan Design

Using the digital impressions, we will collaborate with Invisalign® to create a tailored treatment plan. This plan outlines the gradual movement of the teeth and provides a preview of the expected results. Treatment plans typically take six months to a year and a half.

4. Custom Aligners

Based on the treatment plan, a series of custom-made, clear plastic aligners are crafted. Each aligner is designed to be worn for about two weeks before progressing to the next one, gradually shifting the teeth into the desired position.

5. Wearing the Aligners

You will wear the Invisalign® aligners for at least 22 hours a day, removing them only for eating, drinking, and oral hygiene.

6. Regular Check-ups

Throughout the treatment, you will visit Capital Dental every five to six weeks to ensure that the teeth are progressing as planned. Adjustments to the treatment plan can be made if necessary.

7. Completion

Once the entire series of aligners has been worn, the teeth should have reached their final, corrected positions. Dr. Killeen will evaluate the results and may recommend additional measures, such as retainers, to maintain the new alignment.

Caring for Your Teeth with Invisalign®

Maintaining good oral hygiene is extra important while you have Invisalign® or braces to ensure food debris and bacteria don't remain trapped against your teeth. Check out our recommended dental health products for those with Invisalign® or braces.

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Cost of Invisalign®

We aim to provide high-quality dental care that’s affordable for our patients in Lincoln, NE. Invisalign® cost varies based on the length of treatment. Out of pocket cost for any procedure depends on your insurance coverage at the time of the procedure.

  • Orthodontics (D6010/D6057/D6058): $4,000 – $6,658

Certain PPO plans may cover up to 50%
Please note that the price of each procedure could vary from these numbers depending on the need–every patient and every case is different.

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Related Treatment: Teeth Whitening

After a completed Invisalign® process, your aligners can be used as teeth whitening trays and you will receive 2 free teeth whitening syringes. Even though teeth whitening may have been last on your list of dental needs, making this type of change can really enhance the overall finished esthetics!

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  • What are the advantages of Invisalign®?

    Most people are excellent candidates for Invisalign® clear aligners. However, clear aligners may not be a suitable choice for extensive orthodontic cases involving significant movement. Some may also choose fixed braces because there are no trays to lose.

    Invisalign® is a great option for:

    • Straightening your teeth without braces that others can see
    • Eating foods that are “off-limits” with traditional braces
    • Easily cleaning and brushing your teeth
  • Who can use Invisalign®?

    Most teens and adult patients requiring mild to moderate orthodontic corrections can use Invisalign®. This includes patients with teeth that are crooked and misaligned or teeth that feature noticeable spacing problems. Invisalign® can even help patients with minor bite issues—however, not all orthodontic issues can be treated with Invisalign®. More extensive problems will require additional treatment.

More Questions About Invisalign®?

If you have more questions about Invisalign® or other orthodontic procedures, please contact our office and we will be happy to discuss further.

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