Regular Dental Checkups in
Lincoln, Nebraska

Capital Dental is dedicated to the oral health of our patients. As an essential element of maintaining a healthy smile, we recommend that every patient schedule a regular checkup every six months.

Regular Dental Checkups in Lincoln, Nebraska

There are several components of your dental checkup. These visits provide us with a chance to examine your oral health and monitor any changes that have occurred since your last visit. Many oral health concerns can only be detected through a thorough examination. During your checkup, we will also provide an oral cancer screening, and we may use digital X-rays to check for hidden issues. Capital Dental always strives to offer the best regular checkups in Lincoln, Nebraska.

A patient’s first visit to Capital Dental is usually a regular checkup. We use this visit to create a personalized treatment plan. Each regular checkup includes a full examination, a professional cleaning, digital X-rays if necessary and an oral cancer screening.

Full Examination

The easiest way to obtain a basic overview of a patient’s current dental health is to conduct a full examination. Our oral care experts are very careful to look out for any cavities, tooth decay or signs of gum disease. Any problem or concern that is found will be shared with the patient during their visit.

Professional Cleaning

Everyone can benefit from a professional cleaning to eliminate plaque, bacteria and other unwanted buildups. Even with daily brushing and flossing, there are still certain areas that the patient cannot effectively reach. The process starts with us using dental equipment to scrape away any accumulations found on the teeth and around the gum line. From there, we cleanse and polish the teeth to address surface stains, while also providing a long-lasting overall sensation of freshness.

Digital X-Rays

Not every oral health issue is visible to the naked eye. Some problems and conditions may be hidden beneath the surface. We use digital X-rays to check for these issues. By using advanced radiography devices, we can obtain detailed images of the patient’s hidden oral structures. Any images can be uploaded to a monitor to share the findings if necessary. We always work to get through the digital X-ray process efficiently so that any patient discomfort is minimized. Some of the conditions often detected using digital X-rays include internal decay, periodontitis, jawbone deterioration, cysts and oral cancer.

Oral Cancer Screening

Checking for oral cancer on a regular basis gives our experts the best chance of catching the disease in its earliest stages. Receiving treatment for oral cancer early provides the patient with the greatest likelihood of later making a complete recovery. We will make sure to check the patient’s face, tongue, throat, gums and other soft oral tissues for any signs of the disease. Some factors that put a patient at a higher risk for developing oral cancer include tobacco use, heavy alcohol use, excessive sunlight exposure and certain genetics.

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fiver star review dental office Lincoln, NE

Joseph Sweeney

I have always loved the care I received from Capital Dental. I attribute the the fact that I have a healthy and bright smile to the high level of care I've received over the years. I was greeted by an enthusiastic and positive staff when I got there and promptly got in at the scheduled time. Alyssa was fantastic as a dental tech and did a very professional job of explaining everything she was going to do as I was there for one of my twice annual check up and cleaning. I look forward to continuing my relationship with this office and I will highly recommend Capital Dental to family and friends.
fiver star review dental office Lincoln, NE

Rebecca Nelson

All the staff were kind and understanding. They made me feel comfortable. This was the first time the hygienist hasn’t hurt me with the scraping tool. The hygienist and doctor were thorough in their explanations and wanted to help me. All around a great experience.
fiver star review dental office Lincoln, NE

Tammy Delka

My experience as a new patient is the best that I have had in years. I appreciate the thoroughness and detail provided in the exam and cleaning. Dr. Killeen and staff take an interest in patient comfort and overall satisfaction with your dental care.
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Dr. Addison Killeen
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