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Gum disease is a serious condition that affects people from all walks of life. Capital Dental provides periodontal services for all stages of gum disease to restore a person’s oral health.

Gum Disease Treatment in Lincoln, Nebraska

Nearly half of all adults suffer from periodontitis to some extent. This condition is also referred to as gum disease, and it occurs when the gums are left exposed to harmful bacteria, tartar and plaque for an extended period of time. This can happen when a person maintains poor flossing habits and unwanted accumulations build-up between the teeth. If left untreated, the condition will progress and can eventually lead to bone deterioration and tooth loss. Capital Dental takes this condition very seriously, and we strongly urge patients to seek treatment before any major problems occur.

The earliest sign of periodontitis is an irritated gum line that might present some discomfort or bleeding when the patient brushes, flosses or has their teeth cleaned professionally. If not treated, the gums will start to retract and pull away from the teeth. This creates spaces between the teeth and gums called periodontal pockets that can quickly become filled with harmful accumulations. Our experts will typically measure the depths of these pockets to determine how far the condition has spread and what treatment is needed to correct the problem. If gum disease eventually makes its way down to the jawbone and the connective tissues of teeth, the jawbone can deteriorate, and teeth can be lost.

For the treatment of gum disease, Capital Dental offers scaling and root planing and bone grafting.

Do I have to treat gum disease?

Periodontal services are used to stop the spread of gum disease and reverse its harmful effects. When gum disease occurs, it is crucial that the individual seeks help as early as possible. Failure to properly manage the condition can result in severe consequences including tooth loss. The best solution when dealing with gum disease is to get help quickly so the condition can be successfully managed and controlled without surgery.

What is scaling and root planing?

Scaling and root planing is recognized as the standard treatment for periodontitis. The procedure is highly effective in managing the condition in its early to moderate stages. It also does an excellent job of reversing its harmful effects. When providing scaling and root planing treatment, our dentists will access the areas below the gum line and between the teeth and remove harmful accumulations of plaque, tartar and oral bacteria. Then the root surfaces will be smoothed out to prevent future accumulations. The patient’s gums should then begin the healing process and eventually reattach themselves to the teeth.

What is bone grafting?

Bone grafting is often required when bacteria and plaque have reached the jawbone and caused some amount of deterioration and decay. Our experts must surgically access the damaged jawbone in order to regenerate it. This is accomplished by applying proteins and artificial bone-like material to the areas of decay. This will help encourage new bone growth. Bone grafting is often a necessary step for strengthening the jawbone so that it can support dental implants to replace missing teeth.

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Joseph Sweeney

I have always loved the care I received from Capital Dental. I attribute the the fact that I have a healthy and bright smile to the high level of care I've received over the years. I was greeted by an enthusiastic and positive staff when I got there and promptly got in at the scheduled time. Alyssa was fantastic as a dental tech and did a very professional job of explaining everything she was going to do as I was there for one of my twice annual check up and cleaning. I look forward to continuing my relationship with this office and I will highly recommend Capital Dental to family and friends.
fiver star review dental office Lincoln, NE

Rebecca Nelson

All the staff were kind and understanding. They made me feel comfortable. This was the first time the hygienist hasn’t hurt me with the scraping tool. The hygienist and doctor were thorough in their explanations and wanted to help me. All around a great experience.
fiver star review dental office Lincoln, NE

Tammy Delka

My experience as a new patient is the best that I have had in years. I appreciate the thoroughness and detail provided in the exam and cleaning. Dr. Killeen and staff take an interest in patient comfort and overall satisfaction with your dental care.
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