Tooth-Colored Fillings in
Lincoln, Nebraska

Tooth decay and cavities are common dental issues. Receiving a tooth-colored filling to restore your tooth can prevent the problem from developing into something worse.

Tooth-Colored Fillings in Lincoln, Nebraska

A dental filling is a simple restoration procedure. Its primary use is to restore cavities or other mild decay or deterioration. Fillings are extremely common, and they have an extremely high success rate. Capital Dental is very proud to say that we offer high-quality, tooth-colored fillings in Lincoln, Nebraska.

A tooth may develop a cavity if it is left exposed to bacteria, tartar and plaque. Cavities should be treated as quickly as possible, as they will worsen over time. Left untreated, a cavity can cause serious damage to your tooth. Tooth-colored fillings prevent this from happening by sealing off the structure and providing strength. It’s a simple and common procedure.

Tooth-colored fillings appear natural; they are also strong and durable. The composite material is a mixture of plastic resins and silica fillers. This substance is perfect for fillings as it is flexible enough to conform to the teeth yet durable enough to last.

The process is very simple. We will start by carefully removing any decay and existing filling material from the tooth. Once the tooth is clean, we will apply a filling substance directly to the area. This is done to seal off any voids or openings that small particles can use to access the tooth’s inner pulp. The filling material will then be allowed to harden so that the tooth achieves the necessary strength and consistency for chewing tough foods. We finish by shaping and polishing the tooth to give it a more natural appearance.

At Capital Dental, we offer options for composite fillings and amalgam fillings. Both options are durable and safe. The type we use in a particular application will usually depend upon the patient’s needs. Since composite fillings tend to appear more natural, we often recommend those for teeth that may be more visible and easier for others to notice. Our experts are happy to explain the details and differences between composite and amalgam fillings for any patient who asks. A patient should expect their composite or amalgam filling to last for many years, as long as proper maintenance and care are provided.

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Joseph Sweeney

I have always loved the care I received from Capital Dental. I attribute the the fact that I have a healthy and bright smile to the high level of care I've received over the years. I was greeted by an enthusiastic and positive staff when I got there and promptly got in at the scheduled time. Alyssa was fantastic as a dental tech and did a very professional job of explaining everything she was going to do as I was there for one of my twice annual check up and cleaning. I look forward to continuing my relationship with this office and I will highly recommend Capital Dental to family and friends.
fiver star review dental office Lincoln, NE

Rebecca Nelson

All the staff were kind and understanding. They made me feel comfortable. This was the first time the hygienist hasn’t hurt me with the scraping tool. The hygienist and doctor were thorough in their explanations and wanted to help me. All around a great experience.
fiver star review dental office Lincoln, NE

Tammy Delka

My experience as a new patient is the best that I have had in years. I appreciate the thoroughness and detail provided in the exam and cleaning. Dr. Killeen and staff take an interest in patient comfort and overall satisfaction with your dental care.
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