Cosmetic Dentistry in
Lincoln, Nebraska

Achieving a beautiful smile with cosmetic dentistry does not have to be difficult. Our dedicated cosmetic specialists will ensure that your teeth stand out for all the right reasons.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Lincoln, Nebraska

If you’re looking for the best cosmetic dentistry in Lincoln, Nebraska, you have found the perfect match with Capital Dental. We understand the difference a good smile can make, and we know how important it is to help each patient achieve the look they want. Although proper oral health habits will certainly go a long way towards helping a person achieve a better smile, sometimes there is still work to be done. That is where cosmetic dental treatments can help. These procedures are specifically designed to improve a person’s smile so that they can confidently show their teeth to others.

One factor that makes our cosmetic treatments so great is that they all provide extremely fast and effective results, while also presenting minimal discomfort. Patients won’t need to wait out a lengthy recovery period, and their teeth will be dramatically improved. Just one easy cosmetic procedure can make a world of difference. The sooner you get started, the sooner you will be proudly flashing your smile to everyone.

Our cosmetic offerings include professional whitening treatments and the application of dental veneers. If you are unsure of which cosmetic treatment is right for you, our experts will be happy to discuss the advantages of each.

Can I benefit from cosmetic dentistry?

If you are suffering from crooked teeth, misshapen teeth, misaligned teeth, excessive gaps, crowding or noticeable discoloration, cosmetic dentistry may be right for you.

What cosmetic treatments do you offer?

Capital Dental offers dental veneers and professional whitening treatments. Both treatments offer advantages in improving a patient’s smile. The best option is to receive a consultation from our expert team.

How much does cosmetic dentistry cost?

The cost of cosmetic dental treatment depends on the specific procedure that is provided. There are too many factors for us to provide an accurate estimate online. We do our best to make cosmetic treatments available for patients.

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fiver star review dental office Lincoln, NE

Joseph Sweeney

I have always loved the care I received from Capital Dental. I attribute the the fact that I have a healthy and bright smile to the high level of care I've received over the years. I was greeted by an enthusiastic and positive staff when I got there and promptly got in at the scheduled time. Alyssa was fantastic as a dental tech and did a very professional job of explaining everything she was going to do as I was there for one of my twice annual check up and cleaning. I look forward to continuing my relationship with this office and I will highly recommend Capital Dental to family and friends.
fiver star review dental office Lincoln, NE

Rebecca Nelson

All the staff were kind and understanding. They made me feel comfortable. This was the first time the hygienist hasn’t hurt me with the scraping tool. The hygienist and doctor were thorough in their explanations and wanted to help me. All around a great experience.
fiver star review dental office Lincoln, NE

Tammy Delka

My experience as a new patient is the best that I have had in years. I appreciate the thoroughness and detail provided in the exam and cleaning. Dr. Killeen and staff take an interest in patient comfort and overall satisfaction with your dental care.
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Dr. Addison Killeen
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