Tips to Prepare for a Root Canal Treatment

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A root canal refers to the central part of the teeth where the pulp, an oral tissue made up of living connective tissues and cells, lies. The same term is also used for the treatment performed by dentists when the said structure becomes infected.

Despite the benefits offered by a root canal treatment, many people tend to ignore the recommendations for the said service. That is usually because of the misconceptions floating around about the root canal treatment. Most people think of it as something very uncomfortable and scary; as a result, they often opt to have the tooth extracted instead of saving it. At Capital Dental, we highly encourage our patients to consider the treatment since we believe in its potential in preserving a person’s oral health. Still hesitant to do so? Remember, a root canal treatment aims to alleviate pain and not cause it. The usual discomfort patients feel is due to the spreading infection and not the procedure performed by a dental professional.

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For patients to have a more pleasant root canal experience, here are some tips to follow!

  • Patients are advised to talk to their dentist to know if they will be prescribed with pain medications. If yes, they are then recommended to pick up the said medicines prior to their scheduled appointment to avoid any inconveniences before and after the procedure.
  • Prepare plenty of ice before the procedure. This would help patients manage swelling and pain during the recovery period. Preparing it beforehand gives patients easy access to relief anytime necessary.
  • Patients are highly encouraged to talk with the dentist about the proper aftercare practices to observe even before their scheduled appointment. Doing so gives them an idea of what to prepare and do before ahead of time.
  • It is ideal for patients to get enough sleep the night prior to the scheduled appointment. It is to make sure that their body and the immune system is in top shape. Securing this makes the patient endure the treatment well and that their recovery will be fast and successful.
  • For patients to boost their immune system, aside from sleep, they should eat well. This gives their body the necessary nutrients it requires. Besides, after the procedure, they may not be able to eat well, so getting their fill prior to the treatment is vital.


Aside from the ones listed above, make sure to take note of the instructions provided by the dentist for an overall pleasant experience and a successful recovery!


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