Easy Tips Everyone Should Follow to Fight off Bad Breath

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One distressing issue many people experience nowadays is bad breath. While there are people who have it as a temporary occurrence after eating a pungent meal or when waking up, others have it as a recurring concern that causes them to become more self-conscious. Bad breath is already emotionally devastating, but know that its causes can be destructive as well. Aside from a coated tongue due to inflammation and poor oral hygiene, other factors that can lead to foul mouth odor are gum disease, dry mouth, malnutrition, uncontrolled diabetes, intestinal disorders, infections, as well as lactose intolerance.

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Whatever the cause of bad breath, treating it involves taking care of the reason and not just its symptoms. For instance, we at Capital Dental offer professional teeth cleaning if the cause of bad breath is odor-causing bacteria. On the other hand, scaling and root planing is performed if the issue is due to the bacteria stuck below the gum line. However, it is not a one-time treatment. If a patient continues to care for their oral health poorly, bad breath will continue to be present. So, to stop bad breath from recurring, here are some easy tips to follow!

  • What better way to eliminate harmful substances in the mouth? Of course, by observing proper oral hygiene. Patients should brush their teeth twice a day for two minutes to give the mouth an effective clean.
  • Flossing covers the places where bristles were not able to reach; therefore giving a more thorough mouth clean.
  • Aside from the teeth and along the gum line, the tongue is another area where harmful substances can accumulate and cause bad breath. That said, it is necessary for patients to scrape their tongue gently after cleaning the teeth.
  • If a patient is wearing a removable oral appliance (like dentures or aligners), it is best to allocate a portion of the day where the device is soaked and cleaned. Doing so will get rid of harmful accumulations that cause bad breath.
  • For the toothbrush to work effectively on cleaning the mouth, patients are advised to replace the oral hygiene product every two to three months.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated since leaving the mouth to dry up creates a favorable environment for bacteria to multiply and cause problems.
  • Make sure to schedule routine appointments without fail. Biannual cleanings and checkups allow the dentist to detect and take care of issues that can put the overall oral health at risk, including the factors that can cause bad breath.

Halitosis or more commonly known as bad breath can be devastating but know that it is reversible. Make sure to follow the tips listed above and the ones provided by a dentist to get the best results possible in keeping the breath fresh and healthy!

If you want to own a healthy and fresh breath, Capital Dental is here for you! Check out our Bad Breath Treatment in Lincoln, NE for the treatment of halitosis. Call or visit us at  5609 S. 27th St., Lincoln, NE 68512 to get started.